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Sao Paulo, 2013

design Carol Tonetti, Luís Felipe Abbud
collaboration | exhibition design Juliana Godoy, Marina Portolano, Paula Marques Albuquerque, Silvia Maciel Sávio, Stella Tennenbaum, Valentina Tong  graphic design Celso Longo + Daniel Trench

Differently from the precedent editions, the 10th Sao Paulo Architecture Biennial was exhibited simultaneously in several spaces of the city. The Biennial was conceived by its curators 
Guilherme Wisnik, Ana Luiza Nobre and Lígia Nobre in such way that the visitor could be conducted, differently from a traditional exhibition limited to the rooms of a gallery, by the complementary act of experiencing the city itself: to know it, use its transport system and to live its architectonic and cultural spots. In this sense it was structured through a network composed by a range of places that articulated the scale of Sao Paulo and that were connected by the city public transport, specially through the metro and railway systems.

Its title 
City: Ways of Making, Ways of Using carried the proposition of reflecting about both realms: if the Ways of Making side includes the work of the architect and the urban planner, the design dimension and the political forces that construct the city, it was suggested to take a closer look to the Ways of Using: how populations occupy their urban spaces, appropriate of them, transform and give new meaning to them. Understanding that the dimension of Using has conquered a bigger importance nowadays, the great task taken throughout the different exhibitions of the 10th Sao Paulo Architecture Biennial was to show that one can no longer thing Making and Using as two separated dimensions, but as sides of the same coin that represents the complex dynamics of such broad city as Sao Paulo. 

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